A few more steps and you’ll reach the top of Mt. Inari and the Ue-no-Yashiro (上ノ社) shrine. The first peak on the Fushimi Inariyama pilgrims route is called Ichi no Mine (一の峰) in Japanese.

Continuing on my journey to the top of Mt. Inari, I reached the “first peak” or in Japanese (Ichi no Mine 一の峰). Depending how you climb the mountain, you pass the third peak and the second peak before reaching the top. Myself, I decided to take the opposite route along the other side of the mountain. This route is a bit steeper to traverse, depending on your agility, be mindful of this when you choose which way to go when you reach Yotsutsuji viewpoint (四辻).
There is a small shop where you can get food and drink and you can buy Engimono lucky charms (縁起物).
Although this is the top of Mt. Inari, there is no view point here, this is 233 meters above sea level. From here on, well, its all the way down. Happy hiking!